Doc in Alabama was shocked that no one was waiting in line for vaccinations because the state has the lowest Vaxx rate

Alabama’s vaccination rate is the worst in the United States, and it appears to be prepared to maintain this status, even if the more contagious new COVID-19 variant causes severe damage to parts of the country. This constant hesitation is now beginning to affect health professionals in the state.

and, Dr. Michael Saag of the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) called the state’s vaccine fight one of his biggest setbacks.

“Personally, I have never been professionally depressed like I am now,” said Sague, a professor of medicine in the UAB Department of Infectious Diseases. “I had hoped and prayed for the success of the vaccine. When the vaccine showed its effectiveness and safety, I was frankly surprised. I thought, my goodness, if we have ever seen it in our family This vaccine, that’s the miracle of Christmas. A lifetime. It really happened.”

according to Mayo ClinicOf the 4.7 million residents of Alabama, only slightly more than one-third have been vaccinated. The number of residents who received at least one dose was not much better, at 38.3%.

Alabama is one of the main conservative states struggling with vaccine hesitation. Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Wyoming also have single-dose vaccinations within 30%. However, Alabama is still the only state in the range that is fully vaccinated.

“What surprises and fears me is that people are not queuing up to get the vaccine that is provided to them for free, and the effect is very good,” Sager said. “People choose to continue to be harmed, but to make matters worse, when they are infected, they put the vaccinated people at risk, at least those with weakened immune systems may become seriously ill as a result.”

After months of hesitating right to support the vaccine, if not fully support it, conservative politicians in the United States Already started pushing Vaccinate their voters because the threat of another blockade is imminent.

Alabama Republican Governor Kayvey Said Thursday People who have not been vaccinated are to blame for the recent surge in COVID-19.

“Let us clearly understand this issue,” Ivey said. “New COVID cases are caused by people who have not been vaccinated. Almost 100% of new hospitalized cases are people who have not been vaccinated. The death must have occurred in people who have not been vaccinated. These people have chosen a terrible form of self-harm. lifestyle.”

In response to this change, President Joe Biden said“A lot of our very conservative friends finally have an altar call. They have seen the Lord. Whether it’s Fox News Or the most conservative commentator or governor. “

Dr. Michael Saag of the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) said in an interview with that the state’s vaccine battle is one of his biggest setbacks. On June 30, 2021, in Birmingham, Alabama, volunteers and staff knocked on doors to inform residents of the upcoming COVID-19 vaccination campaign.
Elijah News/AFP via Getty Images

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