Joe Biden ridiculed Donald Trump in a viral video drinking water with one hand

President Joe Biden Seems to be laughing Donald Trump At a campaign rally in Virginia.

In the video shared with Twitter Filmed by @Acyn, President Biden was photographed during his speech to stop for a glass of water.

“I’m sorry,” he said, and then put the cup in his mouth with one hand, which seemed to be a comedic reference to Trump’s habit of drinking water with both hands that Trump had noticed before.

At a rally in Arlington, Virginia, his behavior aroused enthusiastic cheers from the crowd. Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s governor race.

The importance of Biden’s sip has not disappeared on social media. The clip has been viewed more than 576,000 times and received more than 1,300 reposts in the process.

In another tweet, Democratic political strategist and adviser Adam Parkkhomenko shared the video and commented that “Biden just scared Trump away with a glass of water.”

Dr. Dena Grayson, a scientist and former Democratic congressional candidate, reposted the video, saying that she likes having a “president who can drink a glass of water with one hand!”

The author Holly Figueroa O’Reilly also shared this tweet, “The voice you hear is a boy with stubby fingers and a pale face crying about how his water bottle is. Was manipulated, so he had to use two hands.

At the same time, the author Majid M Padellan posted a text beside the video: “ONE. HAND.”

Since then, at least two videos have compared Biden’s ability to drink water with one hand with Trump’s ability to drink water with both hands.

Last year, when the former president was filming at the graduation speech of the West Point Military Academy in New York, his drinking style became the focus of many controversies. He tried to hold a glass of water to his mouth.

In a video posted on Twitter, Trump seems to have some problems holding the wine glass to his lips With the right hand, eventually had to use the left hand to help.

After the speech, the hashtag “#Trumpisnotwell” became popular on Twitter.

President Joe Biden speaks for Virginia Governor Candidate Terry McAuliffe/Donald Trump at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, DC. -President Biden mocked Trump’s drinking skills at a recent event.
Anna Honeymaker/Mandal Ngan/Getty

A week later, Trump talked about the incident at a campaign rally in Tulsa, claiming that he used both hands because he didn’t want to spill water on his silk tie.

“I looked down at my tie because I had done it. I poured water on your tie. It didn’t look good for a long time. Frankly speaking, the tie was never the same,” he told the reporter crowd.

In order to emphasize this point and eliminate any unhealthy thoughts, he then began to take a glass of water with one hand to drink.

“I don’t want to drink water on my tie”-Trump now complains that people noticed that it seemed difficult for him to drink water from a glass at West Point Military Academy last weekend. Then he drinks water with one hand to prove that he can do it.

-Aaron Rupar (atrupar) June 21, 2020

Since then, several conflicting videos have been shared online, some showing Trump seems to be drinking easily with one hand, while others show him drinking with two hands.

Weekly newspaper The White House and the Trump Organization have been contacted for comments.

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