Fox News criticized the US National Security Agency for “revealing” Tucker Carlson: “Completely unacceptable”

Fox News stated that the personality in the broadcast is “completely unacceptable” Tucker Carlson After a report also stated that he was not a surveillance target, intelligence officials lifted his veil.

National Security Agency(National Security Agency) According to a report by the cybersecurity news publication The Record, an examination of the matter revealed that Carlson’s communications were not targeted.

Carlson before Claiming that the National Security Agency is monitoring him And tried to stop his popular primetime show from airing. The agency denied this in a rare public statement on June 29.

“The Record” quoted an anonymous source on Friday and reported that Carlson’s communications were not intercepted by “accidental collection.”

This is when the government obtains emails or phone calls from US citizens who are in contact with foreign surveillance targets.

However, Carlson’s name was mentioned in communications between third parties reviewed by the National Security Agency, and his name was subsequently “revealed.”

When US intelligence agencies collect data and then share it with others in the government, for privacy reasons, the names of any ordinary citizens who are not the subject of the investigation will be edited.

“Reveal” refers to the disclosure of these names at the request of officials with appropriate security clearances. I don’t know who mentioned Carlson in the communication.

Fox News strongly criticized the NSA for exposing Carlson in a statement on Friday.

“The National Security Agency’s exposure of Tucker Carlson or any journalist trying to obtain newsworthy interviews is completely unacceptable, and it has seriously questioned their activities and their initial denials, which is very misleading.” The network said.

The National Security Agency now admits that it “revealed” Tucker’s identity after an intelligence intercept. Also: Facebook’s tyrant confirmed that they have been censoring the show.

-TuckerCarlson (@TuckerCarlson) July 24, 2021

The statement also read Fox News Friday is hosted by Mark Steyn, who is the guest host of Carlson’s show.Afterwards, Carlson shared a video of Steyn’s comments Twitter account.

Carlson has been studying the possibility of an interview with the Russian president Vladimir Putin not long ago He accused the National Security Agency of monitoring himAccording to a report from Axios on July 7, he had communicated with a Russian intermediary in the United States on this matter and realized that US government officials were aware of this outreach activity.

National Security Agency Denies Carlson’s allegations in a statement At the end of last month.

The statement said: “This allegation is untrue. Tucker Carlson has never been an intelligence target of the agency, and the National Security Agency has never had any plan to try to stop his plan from broadcasting.”

“The NSA has a foreign intelligence mission. Our goal is foreign powers to gain insights into foreign activities that may harm the United States. With limited exceptions (such as emergencies), the NSA may not target the target without a court order that specifically authorizes the target. American citizens,” the National Security Agency said.

Weekly newspaper Fox News and the National Security Agency have been asked to comment.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson discussed “populism and the right” at the National Review Institute Thought Summit held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, DC on March 29, 2019. Carlson’s name was mentioned in third-party communications reviewed by the National Security Agency.
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