GM recalls Bolt EV again due to fire risk

GM is Issue a second recall Potential fire problems of Bolt EV from 2017 to 2019. The company said it plans to replace the defective battery, but before that, it recommends that Bolt customers limit the charge to 90% and not less than 70 miles.This is also Reiterate last week’s recommendations Oppose parking indoors and allow the car to be charged overnight without supervision.This latest recall is after a similar recall in November last year GM recalls more than 68,000 bolts.

The company also recommends that Bolt customers visit the nearest Chevrolet EV dealer to obtain Advanced diagnostic software, Which should alert them before any battery problems occur in the future. Hyundai Motor also purchased batteries from LG Chem like General Motors, and eventually replaced more than 75,000 batteries for its Kona EV.

Although this may sound shocking—GM’s recall was caused by five Bolt fires that occurred between 2017 and 2019—but it’s worth noting that gasoline vehicles typically cause approximately 150 fires a day. According to FEMA reportNevertheless, electric car manufacturers still need to prove that they can handle potential problems responsibly so as not to harm more people (and cause people to have more negative feelings about electric cars).

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