How to mine Ethereum

Note: I expect that many people will oppose the energy use of cryptocurrency mining, I fully understand. Hell, I agree. Some notes to consider: First of all, this will soon be solved by Ethereum turning to prove os rights and interests. Second, most of the energy used to mine cryptocurrency is renewable.

Although mining cryptocurrency is not a new concept, it is something I have been trying to understand and implement recently. I have an excellent gaming PC with a GeForce RTX 3080 10GB graphics card, so when I am not a novice, why not make good use of it? The following details how I mine Ethereum.


Before trying to mine Ethereum, please understand the following points:

  • Your energy bill will go up-be prepared to cope with some increase in expenses
  • Your PC needs a modern graphics card and good cooling and fan settings
  • Don’t expect too much-a great gaming PC still takes a few weeks to reach the minimum payout

Step 1: Download PhoenixMiner

There are many applications you can use to mine Ethereum, but my most successful one is to use Phoenix Miner. Get the ZIP file and unzip it to a directory where you can easily find it.

Step 2: Create an Ethereum wallet

The ETH reward you get needs to go somewhere, so you need an Ethereum wallet address.Call me a home run, but I recommend Meta mask. You can also use your centralized exchange wallet. Any Ethereum wallet address will do.

Step 3: Let me!

Open your Windows command prompt application and navigate to the directory where PhoenixMiner.exe is located cdAnd run the following command:

PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -pool2 -wal YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -proto 3

Note: Windows security settings may prevent PhoenixMiner from running. You may need to turn on the Windows security settings to allow the .exe file to run.

tda replaces the example Ethereum wallet address with your own address. You should see a message about the DAG being generated, followed by a message similar to the following:

Congratulations! Your computer is hot, your energy bill has arrived, and you are getting rewards from the Ethereum mining pool!

I cannot and will not pretend to be a mining expert. You can of course adjust the mining settings and computer settings to make the most of your graphics card. If you can control energy, you can significantly reduce emissions and profit.

There is not much time to mine Ethereum, but if you want to try, there is still time!

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