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The business magazine released the first virtual currency list of new wealth.

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Forbes Magazine, known for listing the world’s richest people, published the first batch of billionaires in the cryptocurrency field. According to the listChris Larsen, the founder of Bitcoin’s rival Ripple virtual currency, is the richest person in the virtual currency, with 8 billion U.S. dollars. The list includes former Goldman Sachs executive Joseph Lubin (Joseph Lubin) or Winklevoss (Winklevoss) twins, who accused Mark Zuckerberg of stealing their Facebook ideas. On Thursday (8th), Bitcoin was quoted at approximately $8,500.

Cryptocurrency appeared in 2009, And it is estimated that only a small number of people who have participated since they were founded hold most of the wealth. However, it was introduced as a model to democratize the financial system. According to the list released by Forbes on Wednesday, there are 19 billionaires in the digital currency field. However, this is a very volatile market. Not much to say, the price of Bitcoin plummeted by more than 30% this week, falling below 8,000.

When Forbes released its ranking based on the January 19, 2018 offer, Chris Larson was among the top, with an estimated wealth of approximately US$8 billion. However, when the ripples peaked in the same month, his wealth exceeded $60 billion, making him richer than Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. According to business magazines, the volatility of daily quotes of cryptocurrencies in January 2018 was 10.25% for Bitcoin, 12.62% for Ethereum, and 16.75% for Ripple. Value volatility like gold is less than 1%.

Forbes’ list shows that almost all the people on the list have participated in the creation of digital currencies or have participated in them for many years. In addition, it drew attention to the profile of those on the list: they are all men, and unlike the Forbes rich list of the United States, the average age is 42 instead of 67. To enter the rankings, you must own 350 million USD in cryptocurrency.

Larsen is followed closely by Joseph Lubin, a former executive of Goldman Sachs and the co-founder of the blockchain-based platform Ethereum. Forbes pointed out that Rubin has virtual currency wealth worth US$1 to 5 billionThe magazine estimates the numbers in bands, because it is difficult to determine the exact number. There is no need to reveal your identity when buying cryptocurrency. Many owners do not provide proof of their wealth, or are unwilling to expose themselves for security and privacy reasons. Forbes explained in the article: “Our numbers are based on the value of cryptocurrency portfolios (some have proven their wealth), the after-tax profits of crypto bond exchanges, and shares in digital currency-related businesses.”

The top five were completed by Changpeng Zhao, CEO of cryptocurrency trading platform Binance (US$110 to US$2 billion); Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss twins, with a total digital currency between US$900 million and US$1.1 billion; Matthew Mellon is an independent investor and also The heir to the Bank of New York Mellon, this is one of the great banking wealth of the United States. Forbes estimates that it holds a total of 900 million to 1 billion U.S. dollars in cryptocurrency.

There are about 1,500 different types of cryptocurrencies The value is approximately US$550 billion, which is 31 times that of the beginning of 2017. Part of the demand for this currency comes from the black market or tax evasion. Therefore, it encounters new enemies every day: the market regulators of the European and North American stock exchanges, and even the governments of different countries, including China. However, Bitcoin was born after the crisis as part of a liberal ideology that does not trust the central bank and other authorities responsible for ensuring currency stability.

List of digital currency billionaires

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