HTC Vive Pro 2 review: an excellent 5K headset for loyal VR users

HTC Vive Pro 2 is the dream of VR enthusiasts. Its 5K 120Hz display provides the clearest desktop VR experience I have ever seen.Although its design has not changed 2018 models, It is still very comfortable to wear for a long time. But its high price and reliance on old controllers make it difficult to sell.Honestly, to be deposed $299 Oculus Quest 2 As the ideal VR headset for mainstream users.

However, this is not the person HTC Vive really Standalone Vive Focus 3, This headset is clearly for professionals. But unlike this device, it also provides a lot of things for gamers.For them, it’s worth buying the entire Vive Pro 2 package for $1,399 Half-Life: Alyx With the best quality.If you have invested in the previous Long Live Pro Either Valve Index, You can buy a new headset separately for $749.


  • Excellent and fast 5K display
  • Robust ergonomics
  • Provide the most immersive desktop VR to date


  • Requires SteamVR sensor
  • Very expensive
  • Equipped with an older HTC Vive controller

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Be sure to keep track of which Vive Pro is which, because they look almost the same. Pro 2 uses black and purple colors, but its front panel, strap, and headphones look the same as before. However, once you put on Vive Pro 2, the difference becomes obvious: its 5K screen provides 2,448 x 2,448 pixels per eye, which is a huge leap from Pro’s 1,440 x 1,600 pixels. In addition, Pro 2’s LCD has RGB sub-pixels, which helps to make everything look clearer. The screen can also be refreshed at a frequency of up to 120Hz, which is significantly smoother than the previous 90Hz panel, and I appreciate the wider 120-degree field of view, which makes the virtual world feel more immersive.

These specifications may sound familiar, because the Vive Focus 3 also has the same 5K screen, but its 90Hz refresh rate is slower. But I am very impressed with Pro 2 because it can easily run any PC VR game or application. At the same time, Focus 3 has limited mobile gaming options, and I have never been able to successfully stream higher-end VR from my gaming PC. And, to be honest, even if I make it work, streaming is still an obvious step for native operation.

HTC Vive Pro 2

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

I revisited the old and new games on Pro 2 and everything looked great.I have been distracted by the detailed environment Half-Life Alyx — A game that looks great on Index, but the resolution increase of Pro 2 has an extra level of polish. It’s a bit like jumping from 1080p video to 4K. At first glance, you might not notice the difference, but once you start to examine finer details such as grass and wood grain, you will find that you are processing more pixels.

Jump back Super hot Almost feels like i’m playing Super hot 2I can find more details in the cyberpunk introduction room of the game. Despite its relatively simple aesthetics, the enemies, weapons, and environment of the game look more detailed than I remember.I also spent more time staring at almost everything in the VR version than I expected Hell’s Blade: Sena’s Sacrifice. That game looks impressive on a normal monitor, but in 5K VR, I can admire Senua’s complex character models even more.

HTC Vive Pro 2

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

Although everything looks impressive, I really hope that HTC has upgraded the Pro 2 controller. Its complete kit includes the same huge wand as the original Vive in 2016. They work well, but they are not as ergonomic as Oculus touch controllers or even Focus 3 gamepads. After experiencing Valve’s manual tracking Steam VR controller (bundled with Index), they are particularly outdated. Since it is also a SteamVR headset, you can always use the Index gamepad on Pro 2, but you will have to spend another $280 on the already expensive headset.

It would be nice to see HTC Vive upgrade the Pro 2 design slightly. It is still very comfortable, thanks to the plush cushioning on the front and back and the balanced weight distribution. But the company could have gained some clues from the Valve Index. Near-field speakers will be a reliable upgrade to in-ear headphones, especially because the Pro 2 cans will make my head feel warm. The headset’s display also generates a lot of heat, which leads to some sweaty gaming sessions.

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