Corning’s new Gorilla Glass protects smartphone cameras while letting in more light

Conquered the mobile phone display, Corning Gorilla Glass is being introduced into mobile phone cameras.The company’s DX and DX+ series of loss-resistant glass will be launched next usable Used to move the camera lens cover, starting from Samsung devices. In addition to additional protection, Corning claims that its technology can improve the optical performance of smartphone cameras.

According to the company, DX glass essentially reduces the light reflected by the camera cover. Currently, even with anti-reflective coatings, about 92% of the transmitted light still enters the smartphone camera. Corning said that through the external DX/DX+, the camera lens can capture 98% of the light, which helps reduce optical problems such as ghosting. These reflections are usually caused by bright light sources in daylight or low light conditions. The hood and coating applied to the lens surface help suppress ghosting, also known as ghost reflection.

Some smartphone manufacturers are already working with professional suppliers to solve this problem.Both Sony and in vivo Use Zeiss coating to increase light transmittance while reducing glare, ghosting and reflections on high-end phones.

However, Corning also offers the added advantage of durability and has close ties with the largest smartphone manufacturers in the field. The company stated that its DX glass is scratch-resistant, and DX+ is close to the resistance of sapphire. Because its Mohs hardness scale is 9-a system for evaluating the hardness of various minerals, it is used in high-end watches. sapphire. It even allows you to finally give up your smartphone case.

According to Corning, more than 45 major brands now use Gorilla Glass on 8 billion devices. And Gorilla Glass DX can also be used in more than 30 million wearable devices.As an indispensable role as a supplier, Apple injected US$450 million into the company as part of two separate investments 2017 and 2019 year.

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