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Navi Pillay will lead the investigation of “systematic” violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel.

Former UN head of human rights Navi Pillay (Navi Pillay) has announced that he will lead the UN’s open investigation of “systematic” violations in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

The president of the United Nations Human Rights Council said on Thursday that Pillay will lead a three-person investigation aimed at examining the abuses and their “root causes” in the decades-long Middle East conflict.

This Probe is triggered In May, the Security Council convened a special meeting that focused on the surge in deadly violence between Israelis and Palestinians.

The Commission of Investigation (COI) is the highest level of investigation that the Human Rights Council can order.

The Council in Geneva held a special meeting on May 27th.

It decided to establish an ongoing independent international commission of inquiry to investigate “all suspected violations of international humanitarian law and all suspected violations and violations of international human rights law in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including Occupied East Jerusalem. “.

The mission of the committee is to investigate “all the root causes of recurring tensions, instability and prolonged conflicts, including systemic discrimination and repression based on national, ethnic, racial or religious identity.”

The task of the committee members is to understand the facts and circumstances of the violations, and to determine the persons responsible, “to ensure that the violators are held accountable.”

Although the Security Council has previously ordered eight investigations into human rights violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, this is the first time to investigate the “root cause” and investigate systematic violations.

The COI will report to the Human Rights Council every year from June 2022.

This committee is the first open-ended COI ever-other committees like Syria need to renew their mandates every year.

The news was announced after the ceasefire was announced on May 21. Prior to this, at least 250 Palestinians and 13 people were killed in fierce fighting. Israel carried out air strikes on besieged enclaves, and Palestinian fighters in Gaza launched into Israeli cities. rocket.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet told the Security Council at the time that the deadly Israeli attack on Gaza could constitute a war crime, and that Hamas, the Palestinian organization that rules Gaza, had launched rockets into Israel in violation of international humanitarian law.

At the emergency special meeting, Israel rejected the resolution passed by the Geneva Forum and said it would not cooperate.

The former South African judge Pillay served as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights from 2008 to 2014.

Miron Kothari of India, the first UN Special Rapporteur on adequate housing and Chris Sidotti, an expert on international human rights law in Australia, will join her.


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