Apple TV 4K (64GB) is now priced at $180

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This year, Apple has brought some love to its 4K TV set-top boxes by upgrading the internal structure and transforming its accompanying Siri remote control. But it does not change the price, which means you still need to pay at least $179. However, Amazon has a new deal that can reduce its price by nearly $20. 64GB Apple TV 4K, Reducing it to $180. base, 32GB model It has been sold for a few weeks at $169, but this new deal basically allows you to get additional storage models at the basic original price.

Buy Apple TV 4K (64GB) on Amazon-$180

We think the Apple TV 4K in 2021 is The best high-end streaming media box You can get it, if you live in the Apple ecosystem, it will be more attractive. It runs on the A12 bionic processor, supports 60fps Dolby Vision and HDR video, as well as functions such as AirPlay 3 and screen mirroring. Although browsing the tvOS interface is an easy experience, most people may not notice the huge performance difference between the old and new models.

What is the real key to the new Apple TV 4K It is a redesigned Siri remote control. Now, we are not saying that if you are satisfied with the current Apple TV, the new remote is enough to upgrade, but it does solve many of our previous complaints. The new Siri remote is larger and easier to use, partly because the improved arrow keys make controlling gadgets smoother. The keyboard is also tactile, so you can swipe between TV show and movie options more easily.We also found that Siri is more useful on devices like Apple TV, because queries tend to be more direct (“Play Mandalorian“Or “show me some new horror movies”) instead of calling the assistant from an iPhone or iPad.

Speaking of Siri commands, you can also ask the assistant on Apple TV 4K to show you the video source from the security camera. The set-top box has a built-in HomeKit hub, so you can connect various smart lights, locks, and cameras to it. For example, the video source from the camera will be displayed on your TV in picture-in-picture mode, so it will not completely interrupt the program you are watching.

Apple TV 4K will be a tough sale for some people because it’s better than competing streaming media boxes ( Roku Ultra It’s only $100, and it’s usually sold at a lower price), but those who spend most of their time on Apple products will find its convenience and integration worth it.In addition, Apple is launching Spatial audio to tvOS Later this year, this means that when listening with AirPods Pro or AirPods Max, you will be able to get the full Dolby Atmos sound effect from Apple TV 4K.

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