Epic Games Summer Sale offers discounts such as “Hitman 3” and “Cyberpunk 2077”

This with It may come and go, but if you want to save money on certain PC games, you still have the opportunity to do so. Epic Games Store coming soon .

Unfortunately, this time the Epic coupon did not return, but you can still find a good deal.If you want to save money on a relatively new game, you can get a 20% discount from Sony EGS exclusive discount halved . Other highlights we found include a 66% discount , 90% discount Third pass . Like other EGS sales, bundling is the only way to go.For example, you can get the entire $32.99 instead of $59.00. As always, more games are on sale.So see what See if there are games you have been waiting to check. Sales will end on August 5.

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