Is Elizabeth Lyle in the restart of “Gossip Girl”?

gossip Girl Episode 3, titled “All Lies”, now playing HBO The biggest now. In the episode, Gideon (Todd Almond) and Roy (John Benjamin Hickey) of Max Wolfe (Thomas Doherty)’s two dads are introduced to gossip Girl world. This episode also talked about Julian’s family life and her complete shock when she learned that her father had a secret girlfriend.

Warning: This article contains spoilers about Gossip Girl Episode 3

Is Elizabeth Lyle in the restart of “Gossip Girl”?

Yes, actress Elizabeth Lyle does appear in gossip Girl Reboot. She made her debut as Lola Morgan in the third episode and will appear in a recurring role throughout the series.

Lyle is best known for playing Ginny Welbeck Netflixof you With Anna once Upon a time.

This is not the first time in the world gossip Girl with you There was a collision.

Penn Badgley, playing Dan Humphrey in the original version gossip Girl, Continue to star in Netflix you As the killer Joe Goldberg.

Lyle played Baker in the first season you, Premiered in 2018.

Now, Lail is entering the world of Dan Humphrey, playing as Lola Morgan gossip Girl.

Lola is a barista and aspiring musician from New York, and the secret girlfriend of Julien’s music mogul father Davis (Luke Kirby).

She and Julian (Jordan Alexander) met in the bathroom of a nightclub for the first time. At the time, Julian snarled drunkenly about her ex-boyfriend Obi (Ely Brown) and her half-sister (Hui (Tenny Pick) Dating.

Lola and Julien got married because of a boy, and Lola admits that she herself has some relationship problems.

Lola shared that she has been dating her boyfriend for more than a year, but he has never disclosed their relationship and always meets secretly.

When they parted ways after chatting in the bathroom, Julian watched Lola walk into the arms of father Davis at the other end of the nightclub.

The night before, Davis told his daughter that he was going to Berlin on a business trip, but in fact, he was with his girlfriend Lola.

The injured and angry Julian did some of her own detective work and followed Lola to her apartment. It is understood that Davis did his best to keep Lola secret, and even rented a stylish apartment in the Upper East Side for him and Lola to live in.

Elizabeth Lyell on Netflix

Julian took matters into his own hands, wanted to expose her father’s lies, and did so in a very public setting.

She deceived Laura and made her think that Davis had sent her an invitation to participate in the premiere night of The Public drama. Davis was ashamed to say that he was not the one who sent her the rose ticket, and followed.

When he saw a waving Julian from the other end of the theater, he quickly realized that both he and Lola were ready.

As soon as the drama ended, the truth emerged as Julian had always hoped. Davis explained that after the death of his wife and Julian’s mother, he vowed to make sure that Julian was the only woman in his life and his only priority.

Therefore, he chose to keep his dating life secret and keep secret from his daughter. He later admitted that he was wrong, and did not realize how much Julian had grown up.

Julian handed the phone to his father and insisted that he call Lola to save their relationship. Julian even told her father that she “wanted” to see her.

Like Davis, Lola is listed as a recurring character gossip Girl Reboot, so fans have not seen Lail’s last character yet.

Hope that Laura will answer Davis’s call and she will be more important in the remaining episodes of the show.

gossip Girl It airs on HBO Max every Thursday.

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