Amazon’s Instant Pot Duo Crisp drops to $98

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Although the Instant Pot was popular a few years ago (and it is still popular today), the air fryer is the latest must-have small kitchen appliance. If you have not invested somehow, you can now invest less money.Amazon has a new sale on six quarts Instant Pot Duo Crisp Multi-function cookers and air fryer reduced the price to 98 US dollars, more than 50 US dollars lower than the normal price. Although we saw this model drop to $79 during Black Friday last year, this discount is the best discount Amazon offers throughout the year.

Buy Instant Pot Duo Crisp on Amazon-$98

Unlike the standard Instant Pot, this model has an easy-seal lid and a removable air fryer lid. The latter can be used to make crispy chicken wings, vegetables, French fries, etc. The pot itself has 11 built-in cooking programs, including frying, pressure cooking, steaming, roasting, grilling and dehydrating. The bundle also includes most of the things you need to try all these cooking modes, such as roasting and dehydrating trays, multi-layer air frying racks, etc. Only six-quart models are on sale ( Eight quarts It will cost you $200), but it can be said to be the best size for most people because it can hold food for up to 8 people.

It is undeniable that Duo Crisp is a more “advanced” Instant Pot than most products.If you are a novice in the field of multi-function cookers, we recommend that you use $69 Instant Pot Duo Because it was cheaper than Duo Crisp at first, and it has seven cooking modes, making things quite simple. But for those who know that multi-function cookers will make their meal preparation easier, and the air frying experiment sounds exciting to them, Duo Crisp is a good investment.No matter which model you buy, give Our Instant Pot Guide Read tips and tricks on how to make the most of the new gadget.

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