KSI says he defeated Floyd Mayweather and supported Logan Paul against Mike Tyson

YouTuber KSI claims that he can beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a boxing match-and supports his former opponent Logan Paul as the winner if he enters the boxing ring with Mike Tyson.

KSI’s boxing career began in 2018 and included two matches with Paul, who recently spoke with Paul in his latest episode. Impulsive podcast.

The 28-year-old British-born KSI said in a chat that he could “[beat] Mayweather,” he retired from boxing in 2017 with a 50-0 record.

Paul replied: “It’s funny you said you can beat him. I want to ask you this-you might think you can beat most people?”

“I think this is the mentality you have to have,” KSI said, adding: “People will say:’What? KSI thinks he can beat Mayweather? Shut up.’

The 26-year-old Paul played eight rounds against the 44-year-old Mayweather. When they faced off in an exhibition match in June.

Joe Weller played against KSI in the first boxing match in 2018. He said: “Look at the Internet, most of my Twitter Is saying,’Logan Paul just defeated Floyd Mayweather.

“I thought Floyd would end it soon. A statement said,’Boxing is not a game. You YouTube users get rid of it.’ “Logan Paul went to the end, fair play and proper respect. I think Logan Paul won. If there is a winner, I think Logan Paul won. “

KSI then said to Paul: “I think you can beat [Mike] Tyson.You have to remember, this is not the 18-year-old Tyson, this is the 18-year-old Tyson [55]. People don’t understand, we train like boxers. “

Following Paul’s game against Mayweather in June, KSI, whose real name is Olajid Olatongi, Saying on Twitter that he is “the best boxer in the world”.”

YouTuber KSI (left) claims that he can beat Floyd Mayweather (right) in a boxing match. KSI is a newcomer to the boxing world, and Mayweather ended undefeated.
Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images/Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Paul played against KSI in 2018 and the game ended in a tie. In the 2019 rematch, Paul was defeated and KSI declared the winner with a split decision.

After Paul’s controversial match with Mayweather, KSI wrote on Twitter: “So…you mean I am the best boxer in the world now?”

Simultaneously, Paul expressed his confidence that he can beat Tyson, Said on the June podcast: “Brother, he is old, he is old!”

Paul continued: “Someone mentioned Mike Tyson, for example, how interesting is it? One great at a time. Or is it like you can only fight one?

“My lawyer mentioned this and he said:’No, Tyson will tear your head off, you have no chance.’ I thought:’Brother, I really went through all this, you can’t tell me Can’t beat Mike Tyson.'”

Tyson is widely regarded as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. He returned to the sport in November to play an exhibition match with Roy Jones Jr.

KSI and Logan Paul
Logan Paul and KSI played their professional debut heavyweight competition on November 9, 2019 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. KSI decides to win.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

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