If there is no Hyde Amendment, our tax will directly fund abortion

House Labor and Health and Human Services Subcommittee for the first time in 40 years Officially recognized Excluding the Hyde Amendment spending bill.

Since 1980, the Hyde Amendment has ensured that our taxes do not directly fund abortion. Now, this critical protection of life-supporting Americans is in jeopardy — and may not be updated in the upcoming fiscal term.

The amendment is named after its original sponsor, Congressman Henry Hyde, and it has been included in every annual health and human services appropriation bill for the past four years.Before its establishment, these appropriation bills To pay Approximately 300,000 abortions are performed through Medicaid each year.

To make matters worse, the new appropriations bill of the House Subcommittee was also dropped Weldon AmendmentThis ensures that government agencies will not discriminate against any healthcare entity that does not want to pay for abortion. These two amendments represent the government’s commitment to respect (at least to some extent) the deep-rooted beliefs of the millions of Americans who support lives.

Lest anyone claim that Hyde is one-sided and overly partisan, considering that until recently, even the president Joe Biden Support this measure.

During his stay in the United States Senate, Mr. Biden wrote A letter To an imploring voter: “Please don’t force me to pay for abortions that violate my conscience.”

Senator Biden at the time replied: “I agree with you… I will continue to abide by the same principles that have guided me in the Senate for 21 years: Those of us who oppose abortion should not be forced to pay for they.”

Biden then assured relevant citizens, “The government should not tell people like you and me who are staunchly opposed to abortion, we must pay for them.”

Joe Biden at the White House in Washington, DC on July 8, 2021. The President is tough on the stimulus bill, but the Republicans have used weak law enforcement to fund tax cuts for billionaires.
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What has changed, President Biden?

Recently, Senator Tim Kane (D-Va.), Hillary ClintonChoosing the vice president made it clear that he supported Hyde during the 2016 presidential campaign. “I have always supported the Hyde Amendment. I have not changed my position,” Kane Say In the interview CNN.

Many politicians from both sides of the aisle support the Hyde Amendment because a large number of American citizens have been-and still do.

A kind January 2021 poll A survey conducted by Marist found that although most Americans call themselves pro-choices, 58% still oppose the government’s use of taxes to pay for abortion. This includes 34% of people identified as supporters of choice and 65% of independent voters.

but, according to American Catholic bishops, the current appropriation bill is “the most extreme appropriation bill we have ever seen to support abortion.” It will ensure that “the economic fruits of American labor will promote the destruction of the smallest and most vulnerable human beings.”

Mother Teresa, in Speech At the 1994 National Prayer Breakfast, he condemned abortion as “the greatest destroyer of love and peace” and “a war against children.”

She is absolutely correct.

Abandoning the Hyde Amendment would represent the principle of surrendering to radical forces celebrating the destruction of life. And this is the life born in the womb: life. Americans’ hard-earned money should not flow into the pockets of aborters to eliminate it.

For the past half century, Americans who support life have been developing a campaign to protect every life stipulated by the law. No citizen should be forced to fund the destruction of human life.

Jim Daly is the president of Focus on the Family.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author.

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