British man arrested for Twitter celebrity hack in 2020

Authorities are still cracking down on participants in July 2020 Twitter celebrity hacker. The Spanish National Police has Arrested At the request of the United States, Joseph O’Connor, a British citizen, accused him of participating in the destruction of more than 130 Twitter accounts. Officials did not elaborate on how O’Connor contributed to the event, but O’Connor was also accused of hijacking TikTok and Snapchat accounts and tracking a “juvenile” victim online.

O’Connor faces a total of 10 charges, six of which are related to unauthorized computer access, two are related to network tracking, and one is related to extortion and threats.

Twitter hackers hacked into the accounts of many companies and individuals, including Apple, Uber, Elon Musk and eventually US President Joe Biden.The attacker apparently used social engineering to access internal Twitter tools and Promote Bitcoin scamsIt didn’t take long for the police to arrest the self-proclaimed mastermind and teenage hacker Graham Ivan Clark (Graham Ivan Clark), who later pleaded guilty to 30 charges.

O’Connor’s arrest will not overthrow the criminal organization. However, it is clear that the US authorities want to send a message to potential social media hackers-these perpetrators risk being severely charged, even if they are not the main person responsible for the attack.

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