Slack is now officially part of Salesforce

Salesforce has fully It acquired Slack, a business messaging application, for $27.7 billion, the largest acquisition to date.Be the first in the company Announce In the December 2020 acquisition, they stated that Slack founder and CEO Stuart Butterfield will continue to lead messaging services as a department within their new parent company. They also stated that Slack will be the new interface for Customer 360, a Salesforce tool where you can add and access company apps.

In Salesforce’s announcement about the completion of the acquisition, it confirmed these two points and stated that the acquisition will enable them to provide “Slack-first Customer 360.” It will provide customers with “a single source of truth for the business, and a single platform that connects employees, customers, and partners with each other and the applications they use every day.”

Although Slack has become synonymous with enterprise messaging services after its launch in 2019, it suffered a loss last year after Microsoft positioned its Teams app as a competitive product during the pandemic.Even slack Archive In response to the antitrust complaint of the technology giant, the European Commission bundled Teams with the Office suite. Six months after the EU filed a complaint, Salesforce announced the acquisition of Slack.

Salesforce President and COO Bret Taylor and Slack CEO and co-founder Stewart Butterfield will host an event next month to share more details about messaging application integration.Will be held on August 17th at 1:00 PM Eastern Time and will be broadcast live on the web Salesforce website.

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