Cute video showing mother cat introducing her kitten to domestic dog

A video allegedly showing a cat mother introducing her kitten to the dog at home warmed the hearts of Internet users.

A YouTube video called “Mother Cat introduces her 1-week-old kitten to her dog friend” has received more than 1.5 million views. It shows a dog lying on a bed, sniffing a kitten curiously. While it was sniffing, the female cat lay near the dog’s face.

The dog continued to move its nose towards the kitten. Then, the female cat carefully held the dog’s face with her paws, gently kissed the dog’s face, and finally touched the nose with the dog. The cat’s behavior seems to instruct the dog to be gentle with the kitten.

The dog seemed to be confessing and nudged the female cat gently with his nose. The mother cat then gently stroked her kitten, rubbing one of her paws into its side, while the dog looked respectfully and with interest from a distance.

A kind Reddit A post about the video posted earlier this week received more than 40,300 likes and 370 comments. Most comments expressed surprise at how comfortable the female cat is with the dog. Others expressed delight at the nonverbal communication between animals.

Part of the appeal of the video is also that it shows interspecies “friendship.” In the past decade, videos showing similar friendships between dogs and birds, tigers and chimpanzees, and other animal combinations have gone viral online and received equally enthusiastic comments.

A lovely video shows a cat introducing their kittens to the dogs in the house. In this photo illustration, a kitten is holding a dog, and both of them are taking a nap.

However, although the video left a deep impression on the audience, it is a relatively common phenomenon to introduce dogs to cats. In fact, many pet websites provide instructions on how to best introduce canines and cats to prevent any aggression.

According to PAWS, an organization that cares for orphans and injured animals, pet owners should first ensure that the dog is performing well before introducing a cat to a dog.

The organization recommends letting animals sniff objects that contain the smell of the other party. It also recommends keeping the animal at a certain distance first, then gradually reducing the distance, and stopping interaction if there are any signs of anxiety or aggression.

Earlier this month, a video of a cat introducing her kitten to a baby won TikTok has more than 37 million views. In the video, a cat named Xia Xia hugs her kitten by the scruff of the neck. Then in the summer, put the kitten near the cushion where the baby Blossom is relaxing. Summer meows gently, gently pushing the kitten to play with flowers.

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