Biden said getting rid of obstruction “will throw Congress into chaos” and cause a deadlock.

Democratic President Joe Biden said to get rid of Senate The obstruction council “throws out the whole Congress Get into chaos” and cause a deadlock.

While speaking CNN On Wednesday evening at City Hall, an attendee mentioned that Biden had called Republican efforts to restrict voting rights “the most dangerous threat to the integrity of voting and free and fair elections in our history.”

“Although you condemned these attacks,” the participants said, “you and your party’s congressmen have taken almost no action to really stop these attacks. If these efforts are really the most dangerous in our history, is it appropriate to get rid of it? Logic? Block the bill, so we protect our democracy and ensure the right to vote?”

Democratic President Joe Biden said that getting rid of the obstruction bill in the Senate would “put the entire Congress into chaos” and cause a deadlock. On Wednesday night, he made the comments during a speech at the CNN City Hall of Mount St. Joseph’s University in Cincinnati, Ohio. In this photo, Biden talks about the economic recovery of the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic in the State Banquet Room of the White House in Washington, DC on July 19, 2021.
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Biden said he insisted on his comments on Republican efforts. Then he said that he hopes to reform the obstruction bill by requiring senators to stay standing and talking while blocking legislation. In March, Democratic Senator of West Virginia Joe Manchin Came up with similar ideas.

However, City Hall host and CNN anchor Don Lemon asked: “If it is the relic of Jim Crow, it was used in history to fight civil rights legislation, why should it be protected?”

Biden quickly agreed to Lemmon’s assessment and replied: “There is no reason to protect it, unless you will mess up the entire Congress… nothing can be done.”

“Will my friend on the other side like to debate the obstruction bill instead of passing it? [voting rights] action? “Biden continued.

progress Democratic Party Have Support the elimination of obstruction In order to bypass Republicans Oppose BidenLegislative agenda.However, Republicans and moderate Democrats, such as Manchin and the Democratic Arizona senator Kirsten Cinema, Once said that the cancellation of the obstruction bill would stifle any hope of bipartisan cooperation in the Senate.

The current obstruction bill requires that most legislation obtain at least 60 votes in the Senate before it can be passed. Since the Senate splits 50 to 50 evenly, Democrats worry that 10 Republican senators will never support any major legislation that expands voting rights, LGBTQ rights, immigration, and other high-profile national issues.

All 50 senators in the Democratic core group need to vote to end or modify the obstruction bill to make changes.

Political writer David Litt in 2020 Atlantic The article stated that since the 1920s, social conservatives have been using obstruction bills to hinder the progress of civil rights. Little argued that the obstruction bill gave rural white states with fewer populations disproportionate power over legislation proposed by senators from larger and more racially diverse states.

Those who support the continued obstruction of the bill say that it does not allow a political party to simply set the entire agenda with a majority vote, thereby separating the Senate from the House of Representatives. Political writer Daniel Lips wrote that obstruction of the bill may also restore citizens’ trust in the legitimacy of governance by forcing legislators from opposing parties to reach a consensus on the issue of division.

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