Serato Studio’s long-awaited recording function is finally here

With the latest update of Serato Studio Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), the scope of Serato’s creative audio ecosystem continues to expand. Cerato Studio 1.6 Launched to the public today, the most notable is the addition of the ability to record audio directly to the application, while some changes to the audio track tool and the addition of a built-in virtual audio driver. Although this update did not bring a series of new features, these few changes have brought a different world to producers, musicians, and DJs.

To record audio, you can use external input or even just the internal microphone. This is suitable for professionals and entry-level creators who have almost no equipment other than a laptop. When recording, your continuous session will remain intact even in loop mode. This allows you to try different versions of guitar licks or vocals in one shot, which you can trim into the best clips could Edit recording To edit, use different clips throughout the project, and even put them in different keys to get the effect.

Serato Studio 1.6 can also save recordings in your library for use in other projects. You can sample vinyl records directly into your project, and by analyzing the files, it will instantly match them with your current BPM. Recording also has key detection, which can help you keep your voice accurate.

Use third-party apps or Live broadcast It’s good to know that you no longer need plug-ins to provide audio to other applications. Serato now includes its own virtual audio driver for input and output channels, even for Big Sur.

As always, Studio is great for those who use Serato DJ and controllers, but now with the addition of a recording function, it can be used as a stand-alone production tool. It is also very intuitive, opening up plenty of opportunities for creative expression without having to jump over obstacles in the process. New users can get the track (seriously) in a few minutes, and professionals can quickly sketch the track or complete the entire project.

Serato Studio 1.6 is now available for download and, as always, a limited free version is available for your test drive.To turn on all features and access a large number of sounds and samples, you can Choose from A $10 monthly subscription or direct purchase for $199 (including all updates to version 1).

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