Netflix’s “Witcher: The Wolf’s Nightmare” trailer is shockingly full of monsters

Rear Earlier this month, Netflix released a full trailer The wolf’s nightmare, The upcoming “Witcher” animated film, and shared the details of the voice actors. Years before the wizard became Livia Geralt’s mentor, Theo James was known for his protagonist in the Divergent series, where he voiced the protagonist Vesemir.

James also voiced the character in the first season That wizard“Vesemir is a servant of a noble manor, working long hours for too little money,” Netflix Write the charming monster hunter“He is eager to get rid of his social status and explore the mainland to find his own destiny.”

During his adventure, he will meet a witch named Tetra, whom we can see throughout the trailer.If Tetra’s voice sounds familiar, it’s because she is Actor Laura Purfer. The main actors are Mary MacDonald as Mrs. Zelbster, a Cardwin nobleman, and Graham McTavish as DeGlan, a wizard from the Skellig Islands. It is worth noting that McTavish will play Dikstra, the master spy master of Redania in the second season. That wizard.

The Witcher: The Nightmare of the Wolf It premiered on Netflix on August 28.It will provide fans of the fantasy series with something worth seeing before the second season That wizard Start live broadcast December 17.

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