Peppa Pig branded the communists in the strange children’s book advertisement

A children’s book company in the United States hinted that children are moving towards socialism Peppa Pig In a strange new ad.

Tuttle Twins is a series of books that help “freedom-loving parents” educate their children about the “free market” values ​​that they say are no longer taught in schools.

In a new advertisement posted on YouTube on June 17, the company stated that this long-running British cartoon is exposing children to communist and socialist ideals.

The mother in the advertisement said, “Today, as a mother, it seems that an important part is to help your children forget the crazy ideas they have come into contact with in the world.” Said Pig Peppa painting. clothing.

The advertisement hints that the children entered socialism through cartoons about pig families, but it also shows that a young boy is reading Karl Marx’s advanced economic theory.

“It’s not just for ordinary children,” the mother in the ad continued. “Now the media and even the school system are telling my children that socialism is great.”

Weekly newspaper The Tuttle twins have been contacted to clarify how to tell children “socialism is great” and how Peppa Pig Related to this.

It is not clear whether the creators of these books have the right to use the comic’s images.

Weekly newspaper The creator of Peppa Pig was also contacted for comments.

Peppa Pig In the past, it was not associated with any public political faction, but this cartoon fell into the ranks of sexism due to gender roles in 2019.

In The Tutlle Twins advertisement, Peppa Pig is dressed in a typical Soviet communist costume.
Tatler twins

The London Fire Brigade called the show aired in an episode of 2009, when Page mocked Mama Pig for dressing up as a “fireman” instead of a “fireman.”

“Come on @peppapig, we have not been a firefighter for 30 years. You have a huge influence on children, and using outdated gender-specific stereotypes will prevent young girls from becoming firefighters. Join us in #Firefightingsexism Exercise,” they said at the time.

According to reports, this cartoon also made headlines this week. Peppa Pig Leading American children to develop a British accent.

Wall Street Journal reporter Preetika Rana recently tweeted: “My five-year-old niece is [New York City] There was an American accent before the pandemic.After watching at home for a year, she now has a fashionable British accent Peppa Pig. This phenomenon is so common that it has become a popular hashtag, #PeppaEffect. “

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