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Trading robots are quickly becoming the next big thing in DeFi and blockchain. Discussions about the potential and revolutionary trends of robots continue to be popular in the ecosystem, so its popularity and adoption rate are rising. Essentially, these components, the robots, enable you to trade digital assets without having to concentrate. They perform all operations automatically and independently according to a set of established algorithms.

Although the trading robot market is relatively saturated, there are still some outstanding performances. Nap robot Its name has been highlighted in the ecosystem as a reliable platform and the first choice for anything related to trading robots. That being said, if you want to use NapBots for automated robot trading, this review covers everything you need to know, from what it is to what it can do.

What is a nap robot?

Simply put, NapBots is a cloud-based system that bridges the gap between traders and automated trading robots. It runs online, allowing traders with different levels of experience or investment methods to access these robots. Essentially, even in your absence, the robot will consider your instructions or execute transactions according to your preferred strategy. However, there is no guarantee that the robot will generate sustained and stable income. Nevertheless, although nothing is 100%, robots are effective and excellent to a considerable extent.

One of the most important advantages of NapBots is the flexibility, adaptability and vitality it provides investors, regardless of their level of experience. For example, suppose you are an experienced trader with enough knowledge to navigate the trading ecosystem. In this case, you can postpone the robot-only mode, which allows you to trade without robot interference. In addition, it is worth noting that NapBotsis is a paid platform with three different special subscriptions. The plan ranges from silver to gold and platinum, and your fees are as high as 19, 49 and 99 Euros, respectively. Please note that this price may change, depending on your trading volume. Currently, the Gold and Silver plans have other unique special offers.

Compatible exchange

As of today, NapBots is compatible with eight exchanges and plans to add more as the project progresses. Currently, compatible exchanges are Bitmex, Bitfinex, Okex, Phemex, Bitstamp, Bitpanda, Kucoin and Kraken, and plans to expand their coverage to HitBtc, Revoult, CoinBase, etc. in the future. These eight exchanges provide essential trading pairs for the best profitability of investors and traders. Some of them take into account the protection they provide, while others take into account their liquidity, which is necessary for trading and executing algorithmic strategies.

Connecting this platform to the exchange is very simple, and you can complete it in just a few minutes. In the preferred exchange, you only need to create an API key on your account, and then you will fill in the key on the NapBots platform. After connecting to the exchange, all you need to do is set a strategy, you can relax and watch the robot execute your preferences.

Taking into account the supported cryptocurrencies, NapBots only provides strategies for a few mobile crypto assets, such as BTC, BNB, EOS, ETH, etc., or sometimes a combination of them.

How does NapBots work?

In essence, it is very important to understand the mechanisms contained in the platform before delving into the platform. Usually, this is because beginners have a common misunderstanding that you must always maintain a stable income. This is fake! Robots will have a bad day. However, in the long run, its benefits are far greater than your losses.

In fact, by instructing NapBots to execute trading strategies in your absence, you don’t even need to pay close attention to the market. In fact, there is no time limit for the operation of these robots, and you can set them to execute specific strategies throughout the year or according to your preferences. In addition, with NapBots, you can avoid emotional trading in the event of severe fluctuations or FUD.

Note again that NapBots does not require you to expel any form of trading funds on the platform. It is only used to execute your trading strategy from a third party or external account. For example, if you want to use bots on Phemex, then you need to fund your Phemex account. To fully authorize these bots, you must connect NapBot to your trading account using an API key, as described earlier. Although the process may vary from exchange to exchange, they are all approachable and straightforward.


As mentioned earlier, NapBots has different plans, silver, gold and platinum, priced at 19,49 and 99 euros respectively. Again, please note that these amounts may vary based on your transaction volume.

The Silver Plan allows access to automatic signals on a weekly basis. This is the most affordable option here, but it has limitations in the automatic allocation between reasonable allocation and the preferred strategy. Suppose that the plan seems inconsistent with your trading goals. In this case, you can choose to join the 49 Euro Gold Plan. This program improves your strategy library and also allows you to trade approximately 3000 Euros.

If you are looking for more vitality or flexibility in the trading process, then you can use the Platinum Plan. At 99 Euros per month, you can trade up to about 5000 Euros. The available payment options are Stripe or cryptocurrency.

NapBots also provides a simulator that uses virtual cash to reflect the functions of trading robots. This basically helps beginners understand how the platform works before investing in real cash.

Are NapBots safe?

Yes, your investment is safe because it will never leave your preferred wallet. The only thing required is an API key that allows the robot to execute transactions from your account. Therefore, in essence, NapBots can only help you with transactions, but cannot withdraw your funds.

In addition, NapBots is a member of the Napoleon Group, which meets the required standards set by the AMF. The bot will only make trading easier and approachable, while helping users of all experience levels to optimize their trading by minimizing losses and soaring profit margins. It is determined based on user-specified price changes or other information. It can be said that it is the best choice for encryption robots. NapBots is the only platform that allows you to combine multiple strategies, even for people with zero trading knowledge or inexperience.

To further ensure that you minimize your investment losses, NapBots provides an active community and practical tutorials to navigate the platform and use it to meet your trading and profit goals.

Bottom line

Suppose you have read this review from the beginning to now. In this case, you now have a clear understanding of its meaning, what it provides, and whether it meets your requirements.

An outstanding feature of NapBots is that it is tailor-made to meet investors and traders with different levels of experience. For example, without prior knowledge of trading, if you plan to apply professional strategies, NapBots is the answer to your requirements. The team responded relatively quickly, the user experience was very attractive, and the community was very supportive.

System simplicity is another compelling feature regarding execution and budget allocation. Considering the rates, they are undoubtedly the best value for money. Compared with the cost of seeking a professional trading strategy, it is quite affordable.

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