7 Expert Tips for Creating a Successful Pitch Deck | Via Salas CP | Capital | July 2021

The rapid development of a company depends on how good your business promotion is. It is most important to start with an extraordinary tone. According to reports, investors will attend the podium for a few minutes. In the 1,000 investments that investors heard about, they noticed that they only funded 100 companies. For investors, there is no shortage of companies, but the window of opportunity is still so slim. Want to know the reason behind this? Imagine the founders telling their stories. You know how a story touches a person from an emotional point of view. If you don’t know the power of storytelling, all you need to do is think back to when you were a kid; what type of story appeals to you most? Chances are, it may be someone who has a solid protagonist, a comprehensive background, and is short enough to attract the audience’s full attention. In several respects, the best investor recommendations also have the same characteristics.

You have to understand that a ‘Court deck’ It is the most important document you will create for your company. It describes the soul of your company and the goals it is committed to achieving. This is a fascinating and summarizing way to explain your story and vision to different audiences.If you cannot attract investors to your company, even innovative, well-thought-out or potentially profitable product ideas will not Help your startup growWithout investors, your business may face serious difficulties in scaling up and achieving unlimited success.

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Before you start any promotional video, please know that it can serve as a compass for you and your investors. These investors will point out the direction of your entrepreneurial strategy, development and growth direction. It must contain the core aspects of your company’s raison d’être. This article summarizes 7 key points that must be placed on your deck.

Here is how to create the perfect investor promotion, as well as expert tips:

As we all know, every problem has an opportunity. All you need to do is find the problem, formulate a solution and be the light of the person who encounters the problem. In this step, only the role of finding the problem is played. This question will be the reason why you have come a long way. Once the problem is identified and you can handle it well, you can start your presentation by solving the situation and bring the audience on a journey of disappointment, eventually reaching the turning point of your ultimate success. When dealing with business and products, the clear opportunities and needs of the problem must be described. Also, make sure you describe how other organizations missed your topic or came up with incomplete or inadequate solutions.

The moment the problem is found, the next task is to find out how to solve the above problem. Have a clear idea of ​​what product you will build-why? Please note that you are closely related to the pain and needs of the public; the next few slides in the presentation should be about your solution. These slides include the process of building the solution and an overview of potential customers. It is okay to show how you will build a user base and how you design products to generate recurring income through the product itself or through related or incidental services. Most importantly, make sure you show your investors how to win the hearts of the public whose needs are not met? It will clarify its main benefits by clarifying. Calculate the three main points of distinction? These will answer questions such as your position and a thorough strategy to rapidly increase market share in the next 12, 24, 36 months? The best option is to answer these questions in order to provide everyone with a clear vision. Use pictures, diagrams, screenshots, and demos to explain things better.

The game will follow you like your own breath. Who can fight you? It may be beneficial to know the enemy and the enemies that may cooperate with.

At this moment, let your audience know who the challengers in your field are and how you will compete with them, defeat them, outsmart them and protect your business from them. On the other hand, one thing that can help you protect your business from attacks is to understand your own flaws and weaknesses.

The two other addressable markets that you must participate in are the total market and your niche market or segment. Investors who are willing to invest will not want to know how big the market is, and they will not stop there. Instead, they will want to learn more about the advantages of your particular market segment. Investors will be better at addressable scale of your niche market. Therefore, address their interests and move on.

What has your company achieved so far, and who has helped you realize your vision? You can ask investors, what are the most critical factors in their analysis of a new business? Many of them will tell you that they will check the team’s achievements so far and the team’s commitment to turn their ideas into reality. Investors check all of this-workers’ abilities, performance records, and commitments. You can choose to talk about each founder and executive and how they complement each other. Understanding the past experience of the founders will help somehow relate to the solutions and products being built and proposed. Evaluate among all others why you are the right person to solve this problem and build this particular product. You must discuss all this.

For investors, what is important is your publicity layout. If you upload a 40-slide presentation with dense text, expect a sigh from your audience. Time is the most precious thing for everyone. The truth is that a large number of investors are looking for reasons to say “no” to your sales. The format is relatively simple for pitch. Make sure that your promotion is a document that allows readers to easily understand your core message, even if they just skim it. The slides should be listed in the following order:

  • problem
  • Your solution
  • business model
  • Walkthrough or demonstration of your product/service
  • Marketing and sales
  • competitor analysis
  • Your team structure
  • Forecasts and milestones
  • Status and schedule

In the last slide, state the amount you requested and leave your contact information.

Key figures you should mention investor Interested in telling your entrepreneurial story. You must know the correct amount of money your startup needs to raise. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to your current expenses, this is the point where you need to expand to make a profit. Make sure you don’t include too many numbers in your recommendations, they will distract you. Your presentation should contain some key figures so that you can show that you are fully prepared and understand what is relevant to your business.

When telling the story of a startup company, remember the end. The result of your startup recommendation must be a short and clear summary of your argument, that is, why investors can invest in your startup. When working on your court, be sure not to get stuck. It is not recommended to finish in a hurry, because you have the opportunity to put all the details of your promotion together and get the most out of it.

Ultimately, you need to answer questions that investors and customers want to know from you. Make sure you are satisfied and convince them to reach a level where they will invest in your business immediately after your promotion. It will be an impressive stadium. To avoid any errors, please follow the steps above. In addition, you must have confidence and trust in your business.

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