Jeff Bezos goes to space.Day 2: Blasting

Only a few A few months ago, Blue Origin, a space company founded and funded by Jeff Bezos, did not expect it to make history on July 20, 2021. But this is what happened.

It was the day when Mary Wallace (Wally) Funk went to space.

Oh yes, yes, Blue Origin and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos are also in the capsule with 18-year-old Oliver Daemen, he is his first pay Space customers. Jeff’s brother, who called him “the most interesting person in space”, today any experienced space journalist in West Texas questioned the launch. (Their evidence is 2 Fun Astronaut Podcast Hosted by Mike Massimino and Garrett Reisman. )

But while sending the richest man in the world into space is an amazing start, and the emergence of commercial space tourism is a milestone, Wally Funk is Self-containedThis week, a story was told and retelled in a thousand media in 1960, Funk is part of the original Mercury 13, A group of trainees became the first female astronauts. But NASA will not sign the plan, and in the past 60 years, expert pilots and hard-working aviation safety investigator Fink has become obsessed with occupying the seat of the spacecraft that rejected her. In 2010, she signed up for a US$200,000 quota Richard Branson’s VSS Unite, Looking forward to a Virgin Galactic suborbital flight sometime in that decade. Since her date has never been close, she feels frustrated. Then, unexpectedly, Bezos provided her with a space at today’s New Shepard conference.

WIRED’s Steven Levy reports every day from Van Horn, Texas, that Jeff Bezos is one of the first passengers on the Blue Origin’s new Shepard rocket system.You can read The schedule from day 1 is here.

As the world today knows, she is fully prepared. Her crew repeatedly claimed that this 80-something old man was the best prepared and healthiest among them, and of course everyone knows her energy today. Even though the crew was tied up in the space capsule and waited for lift-off-this is when people can forgive a little anxiety-she was still impatiently nervous towards the Carmen line. “I feel very shocked,” she said later.

“We have six minutes to wait, and she wants to know what took so long,” Bezos said. “I’ll take it! We are burning the sun!”

Sure enough, when the new Shepard take off, And climbed 65 miles of space, she left her seat and performed crazy movements. “Haha! I like it! I like it!” She cried because she and her crew were frolicking in what looked like mutants Piloboulos dancing club.

After the flight Press conferenceFrom the moment she stepped onto the stage, she owned this room. (Considering that the room is a “barn,” a facility on the Blue Origin base is big enough to place the new Shepard rocket behind her, which explains something.) She didn’t wander to her seat like everyone else. Instead, she moved to the edge and stood on her stage, opening her arms. This was a victory as bold as Megan Rapinoe. Every time she spoke, she would stand up, raise the microphone to her face, and comment out loud. The crowd included reporters, the crew’s friends and family, and the two daughters of Alan Shepard, who ate it up.


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