How To Use PVC Wall Cladding In Interior Design


Delivering high impact interior design that is easy to keep hygienically clean is easy with plastic wall cladding. Perfect for high traffic environments, it can make a statement while performing an important role in the health of your building. Public-facing spaces in premises like food outlets, health centres, offices, reception areas and waiting rooms can benefit from outstanding aesthetics – with none of the drawbacks of traditional alternatives.

Hygienic wall cladding is effortless to keep spotlessly clean; something that will keep germs in check and ensure your setting is safe. This is a material gaining traction in interior design – not just for its hygiene benefits but for its versatility. It can be installed literally anywhere. Use it to clad walls and ceilings.

If you are wondering why plastic wall cladding is popular as a design choice, this article will explain.


Coloured hygienic wall cladding

Not all plastic wall cladding systems are the same. The best solutions have a wide range of finish choices. If you are looking to create a cool, calm atmosphere, you may want to consider semi-gloss pastel shades. Blue, green, grey and cream are among the options. On the other hand, if you really want to make an impact, how about bright high-gloss finishes? Think of red, black, fuchsia, purple and many more.

This type of wall cladding can be mixed and matched. So, if you want one colour on the walls and another on the ceiling, go for it. Some designers use hygienic wall cladding to create feature walls or for partial cladding projects. For example, you may only want to create an easy to clean surface to a certain height around a wall. In food businesses, the wall cladding is usually floor to ceiling for total hygiene.

Coloured cladding can be matched to profiles and trims for a 360-degree co-ordinated finish.


High impact kitchen wall cladding


While PVC wall cladding is often used in kitchens, it can also be used behind counters and in dining areas. Kitchen wall cladding is commonly found in takeaway businesses and coffee shops. It is also idea for areas where food is prepared in public, such as sandwich shops and theatre-style kitchens. The benefits include a wipe-down cleaning system that can be carried out quickly. A thorough two-stage clean is simpler with a plastic surface because it is so smooth.

As well as having design appeal, this system is more economical that many other hygienic wall coverings and less time-consuming to install. What’s more, it is manufactured to withstand moisture – ideal for a kitchen. Other benefits include impact resistance and a Class 1 fire rating. If you are looking for a hygiene system that meets all the criteria for a commercial kitchen, plastic cladding designed specifically for interiors is the answer.

Hygiene and style where you need it

In any busy environment, you are bound to get your fair share of sticky little fingers, coughs, colds and other potential hazards. Choosing an interior design solution that takes care of the risks will make your setting cleaner and safer. In addition to protecting your customers, hygienic wall cladding will help to keep your staff away from potential sources of illness.

Wall and ceiling cladding are easy to install yourself. You will simply require every-day tools. It can be cut to size and bonded to surfaces. However, for the most professional finish, why not consider engaging a specialist installation company to do the work for you? You will minimise disruption and benefit from a gleaming new interior in next to no time at all.

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